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Our Advantages

Top 10 Advantages

1. Academic Nobel Prize
- Winning Investment Approach - Used to manage
portfolios and allows to have continued access to this academic research

2. Access to Institutional No-Load Passive Asset Class Funds

3. Fully Diversified
- Mutual funds that do not include style drift, making
construction of a fully diversified portfolio based upon the asset classes much
more efficient. (This is very important because 94% of investment results
come from asset class selection and not market timing or security selection.)

4. Account Rebalancing
- Takes advantage of market fluctuations.

5. Income Taxes to a Minimum
- By managing portfolios and tax-managed
funds will be used when appropriate.

6. Tax Efficient Focus
– With valuable tax and estate-planning ideas.

7. Minimal Fees and Never Locked In
- No front-end loads or commissions; no
A shares; no back-end loads or surrender fees and no 12b1 “marketing

8. Fee-only Investment Management
- Investment industry recognizes as less
conflict of interest. There is no incentive to buy and sell to gain a commission.

9. Regular Communication and State-of-the-Art reporting

10. Trusted-advisor Relationship
– Most importantly we are dedicated to your
financial future. (Based on the Dalbar Study, disciplined investing can help
you get approximately three times more than the average equity investor
has made over the last twenty years.)